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Vicent  Martí


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Ella vs Mountain


פלי הנמר
Raphael Fogel


You might be used to being laughed at for your hatred of cookies, but fear not, this talk will give you all the arguments you need for defeating your opponents when they once more start claiming that... (Read More)


With over 2 million and a half repositories, GitHub is the world's largest source code host. Since day one, we've faced an unique engineering problem: making terabytes of Git data always available, either... (Read More)
Vicent  Martí



Realize better collaboration through continuous delivery, so innovation reaches release in minutes, not hours or days. With CA LISA Release Automation, CA Technologies expands its market-leading... (Read More)
Alon Eizenman


Data Science has become one of the most commonly heard buzzwords in the industry over the past several years.

In this lecture I will talk about the principles underlying data science and BigData. I... (Read More)
Ofer Ron


If you do web developement, you've probably noticed that "distributed systems" and "service oriented architecture" are really hot topics right now. I have a surprise for you, though: you already work on a... (Read More)
André  Arko


As a growing company Wix has tried many monitoring solutions some worked better than others. In this talk we will go over the lessons we learned at Wix about what to monitor and how to monitor production... (Read More)
Aviran Mordo


With Kick-Ass Software Development you actually get stuff done. Feedback cycles are short, code quality is awesome and customers get the features they lust after.

Less mangers managing, less testers... (Read More)
David Bonilla


As Rubyists, we're fortunate to work often in the open, friendly environment of the web browser or consumer app -- but what happens when that's not the case?


Sometimes you have to work in an environment... (Read More)
Alex  Koppel


We have seen a lot of rankings in our lifes, not only in WebApps but also in different devices, usually as part of a gamification implementation. But is it being really effective?

In fact, the majority... (Read More)
João M. D. Moura


RESTful APIs proved themselves as a essential ingredient of any modern architecture. It ancestor, SOAP based APIs, among others, defined the way to document the APIs in a standard manner. Is there a similar offer... (Read More)


In this talk Ori will share his experience as a development team leader in YIT while working on ynet - the most popular news website in Israel.

The talk will focus on the challenges he and his team faced... (Read More)


Ember IL Meetup


Ember related talk
Yehuda Katz
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